Monday, July 27, 2009

How to make EM5

EM5 is a version of EMAS. It contains esters formed by mixing acetic acid and alchol. EM5 is mainly used to prevent pest and disease problems in crops. Besides, it is also effective to control odor in animal husbandry.

Materials For 1,000ml

Clean water 600ml

Molasses 100ml

Vinegar*1 100ml

Distilled spirits*2 100ml

EM1 100ml

Process of preparation

1. Blend the molasses with water, ensuring complete dilution. If required warm water could be used to hasten the process of dilution.

2. Add vinegar and spirits, followed by EM1.

3. Pour the mixed solution into a container, which can be closed tightly. Close the lid tightly, removing excess air, to develop anaerobic conditions. The chopped vegetable material could be added to this container. (Please note- Glass containers should not be used in the tropics)

4. Store in a warm place.(20-30) place, away from direct sunlight.

5. Release gas at regular intervals by partially opening the container and closing it again within a short time.

6. This solution is ready for use when the pH drops below 4.0 which take approximately 10-15 days.

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