Monday, July 13, 2009


APNAN visited a pumpkin and sweet corn farm in Ayr, Australia during their last visit to Kangaroo land, in the company of our contact Mr. Ken Bellamy of VRM fame. The farm, which has some 3000 acres (1400 ha) grows pumpkins, sweet corn, feed corn for livestock, wood melons, Navy beans and Sunflowers, and the farm is managed by the Hasleton family with a total labor force of FOUR people!!

Crop growth on the farm is excellent due to EM! The Pumpkin leaves are large and dark green, the bananas well developed with no pests and diseases – The sweet corn has high sugar content – all because of a pumpkin solution applied with EM!!
The EM is added with molasses to the pulped pumpkin flesh along with some nutrients, this promotes crop growth of both roots and shoots by acting as a fertilizer and also prevents the incidence of pests and diseases
The farm had sold this solution to a banana plantation – with the use of 6 liters of the solution per ha once a fortnight, the growth of the banana plants was luxurious and the crop was disease free.
Mr. Max Haselton who is owner of this Pumpkin farm met Mr. Ken Bellamy around 7 years ago. Today they are great friends because their target is same, which is the preservation of the environment and growing of healthy food crops in an ecological and environmentally friendly manner through Nature Farming and EM.

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