Friday, July 10, 2009

How to prepare EM Activated Solution (EMAS)

Materials % of the total volume for 100 little

EM1     5%          5 little

Molasses    5%           5little

Clean water    90%  90little

Process of preparation

1. Mix molasses and EM in water

2. Pour the mixture into a clean plastic container or drum, close tightly and keep in a warm place.

*A suitable temperature for fermentation is from 30 to 40.

3. From about second day on, gas may form as a result of the fermentation process. Loosen the cap to release gas generated a few times during the fermentation process.

4. EMAS is ready to use, 7-10 days after preparing it. When the pH of the solution drops below 4.0(ideally it has a pH around 3.5) and when it has a sweet –sour smell like EM1 and has changed color from black to reddish brown.

*There is a wide range of variations of EMAS as a result of fermentation due to materials and conditions.

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