Friday, July 24, 2009


A cat fish farm in Kota Tinngi, located in close proximity to the EM Factory of JAMOF, in Johor, Malaysia is owned by Mr. Shaharum. The farm is 4 acres in extent and has 20 cages, each cage of dimensions 1 x 2 1 m. The farm purchases fingerlings from the market and grows them up to a mean weight of 150 g and then resells them in about 12 weeks.

The success of the farm is the use of EM. The water in the cages is changed once a month, and during this process they add EM to obtain a dilution of 1:1000 or 5000. The foul odor that was present in earlier times is now absent and the fish have less disease, grow well and of excellent quality and taste. Thus this catfish fish are now famous and has a very high demand and the suppliers are unable to meet the demand.

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