Friday, July 17, 2009

APNAN’s demonstration on Nature Farming.

An experiment was developed to test the efficacy of Nature Farming using the vegetable Quin Ging Cai (Brassica rapa var. chinensis). The experiment laid three rows of this crop as three treatments. The picture shows the species and the three rows.


The treatments of the three lines will be as follows –Row A will be supplied with EM Bokashi, EMAS and EMFPE, which the standard operations carried out at the Sara Buri Nature Farming Center. The row B in the center will be developed using the special EM FPE promoted by Professor Dr Higa. Row C will be the control with no additives.

The picture depicts the three rows of the experiment, located in front of the main building of the Sara Buri Center, which has been using promoting Nature Farming for over 20 years. APNAN has developed this trial on this site.

At first weeds were removed from the rows manually. The ladyon the right is our advisor and is well versed in Nature Farming. The blue bucket contains the special EM FPE developed by Professor Higa, which is used in Row B

The prepared rows are seen in this picture. All the weeds were removed and bokashi was applied to Row A at a rate of 500 g/sq.meter. In addition rice husk was applied to all plots at the same rate as bokashi. Please note that Row A is on the left of this picture and in the center is Row B while the row C is on the far right.


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