Wednesday, August 19, 2009


A demonstration by APNAN at Sara Buri

The demonstration plot of rice using techniques of Nature Farming was started by APNAN on a small plot located amidst the rice fields of the Sara Buri Nature Farming Center. The whole field is cultivated organically using EM, and to the demonstration plot, extra EMAS is added. This plot received EMAS at a rate of 100 liters per 10 a per month. Thus, the demonstration plot received 80 liters of EMAS on three occasions.

The rice was planted on 2nd July, 2009 and transplanted on 25th July, 2009. The first application of EMAS was on 4th August.

Please await the developments.

Adding 100 L EMAS per 10a       The Control plots managed as per

                        the system at Sara Buri

10 days after applying 100L/10a      The control plots


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