Monday, August 10, 2009

More apologies to Mother Earth

Dr.Higa(Left) and H E the Chief
Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan

A ceremony was launched on 8th August, 2009 in the State of Penang, to make people aware of the environment and its importance. The event was aptly called "One million Apologies to Mother Earth." The principal objective of the event was to enhance or improve the quality of the rivers and seacoasts in Penang, which at once time was called the Pearl of the Orient, but with time had been polluted primarily due to human activities. Thus the project used EM technology to clean these waters and the State of Penang wished to be the leaders to show the world the benefits of this simple but effective technology.
The project paid emphasis to the use of mud balls, and H E the Chief Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng inaugurated the launching ceremony on the 8th August 2009, in the presence of Professor Dr.Teruo Higa at 0830 Hrs.

The participants threw 250,000 mud balls made with EM into the Gurney Drive bay. In total, the participants added 1.2 million mud balls to rivers of Penang and there were over 25000 people participating.

The entire event was a great success - and thus the director of the Penang State Drainage and Irrigation Department promised to use mud balls on a regular basis. He claimed " We will throw mud balls into rivers in stages over a six-month period" !!!! This will be done until the water quality of the Penang and Juru rivers are improved from Class 3 to Class 2as per the standards adopted in Malaysia.

We are sure that this project will be successful and will update the information with time.

Before lunching EM mudball / After lunching EM mud ball

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