Monday, August 3, 2009

How to make EM RW (Fermented Rice Rinsed water)

The idea coming up EMRW is to solve the water pollution problem through utilization of EM and rice rinse water which is a one of the causes of water pollution. However the nutrients including a lot of minerals are good for microorganisms in EM to multiple their number. Mainly, EMFW has been used as a household cleaner.

Materials %of the total volume for 10 little

・EM1 3% 0.3 little

・Molasses 3% 0.3little

・Rice rinse water 94% 9.4little
*Rice rinse water should be used at fresh. One should use it as soon as one gets it.

Process of preparationjavascript:void(0)

1. Mix molasses and EM in rice rinse water

2. Pour the mixture into a clean plastic container or drum, close tightly and keep in a warm place. (idially 20℃ to 35℃)

3. After second day, gas maymay form as a result of the fermentation process. Loosen the cap to release gas generated a few times during the fermentation process.

4. EMRW is ready to use, 7-10 days after preparing it. When it ready, the pH drops below 4.0(ideally it has a pH around 3.5). It has also a sweet –sour smell like EM・1 and has changed color from yellowwish brown color.

*There is a wide range of variations of EMRW as a result of fermentation due to materials and conditions.

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