Friday, May 22, 2009

The morning glory farm in Sri Lanka

The farmer possesses 0.45 ha of land and cultivates morning glory organically on 75% of his land. He has been an organic farmer for the last 15 years and has begun using EM through a contact in SEEDS, from 2008.

The process adopted by the farmer is as follows: - 5 kg Chicken manure is applied per sq. meter along with a diluted (1:500) EM 1 solution, soon after the harvest of the previous crop. Thereafter the land is ploughed to mix the chicken manure, and plans cuttings from the nursery. Weed management is required in the very early phases until the crop covers the ground. The harvest is taken in 3 – 4 weeks.

He obtains approximately 2.5 US dollars per Kg and with EM, his yields have risen by 20%. He also cultivates other vegetables on his farm using the same techniques.

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  1. where do you do this farm?
    i would like very much to see how it is done..