Thursday, July 1, 2010

APNAN Workshop 2010 June

APNAN held its usual international workshop from 21st to 24th June, at the Sara Buri Nature Farming Training Center. This was attended by 31 pariticipants, from 5 nations- namely Myanmar Bhutan Singapore New Zealand and Malaysia.

The workshop had the usual program - After opening ceremony. APNAN staff explained the concepts of Nature Farming and EM Technology. Thereafter, a practical session on EM liquids was demonstrated and practiced. That night, the participants presented their EM activities, which went on even on the second night on the farm. The participants were enthusiastic and were keen to gather as much information as possible.

This was a very good sign - and lots of useful information was exchanged.

The participants also had lots of practice in making EM liquides such as EMAS, EM5 EMFPE EMRW and EM bokashi. Thereafter the participants and the trainers from APNAN prepared plots for cultivation, in the real Nature Farming was and also sprayed EM FPE to diseased plants.

We at APNAN thank all the participants for this lively workshop - and if you do visit Thailand, please do come to Sara Buri again - we will be happy to meet you. We have also uploaded some photographs of the workshop.

We now know you and you know us - Please co contact us at anytime. we will try to help.

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