Friday, September 4, 2009

Nature Demonstrations – 2

Cucumber cultivated with green manure (Phaseolus vulgaris)

This demonstration was initiated on 3rd June, 2009, by planting the green manure in between the plots prepared for cultivating cucumber. The plots for cucumber had dimensions of 15 m x 1.2 m. These were managed as per techniques of Nature Farming promoted by APNAN.

The cucumber seeds was planted on 10th June, in the prepared beds and was covered with a mulch of rice bran (1 Kg per sq meter) and EMAS (dilution 1:10; 500 ml per sq meter) was applied. Three seeds were planted at one point and later thinned to one plant per point. The spacing adopted was 50 cm between plants. Rice straw was applied as a secondary mulch two weeks later to a thickness of 3 cm to cover the soil.

June 3rd

Planting the bean seeds in the rows between beds prepared for cucumber.


Weed control before planting beans

The beans growing in between the beds

June 10th

Beds prepared, cucumber planted and rice bran applied as a mulch. EMAS was sprayed thereafter.

Planting cucumber seeds

Applying rice bran mulch to prevent weeds                
and conserve moisture, s
praying EMAS

June 19th

The Luscious growth of the beans and
cucumber seedlings

A Cucumber seedling growing through the
straw mulch

July 2nd

The beans were cut at the flowering stage    

and applied to the beds uniformly as a mulch.  

Weeding the plots. 

The weeds were also cut and applied to
same bed as a mulch.


There were some inspect problems
but it did not cause a major damage 
to the cucumber.

July 14th

A bountiful harvest of cucumber grown      
through Nature Farming methods 

Contented staff harvest the cucumber
he says.. See its very good fruits.

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