Sunday, June 14, 2009

Slaughterhouse in Ashburton, New Zealand

This slaughterhouse has70 employees. Everyday they treat 700 of animals (goat, cow, pig, etc) and get 4.5 ton of carcass (skin, bowel, bone, etc) and 350ton of wastewater.

They used to outsource to treat animal carcass but after Mike Daly, who is distributor of EM in NZ introduced EM technology, they treat themselves.

The carcasses are sprayed EM Activated solution. Then minced and treted to vermicompost. The wastewater also sprayed EM activated saolution and after fermentation, the wastewater are sprayed to pasture.

Before applying EM, the smells were enormous. However applying EM, the smells were gone. Moreover the running costs are doramatically reduced due to not outsourcing the carcasses. It saves around 760,000NZ dollar per a year..  

Animal carcasses are recovered. / EM is sprayed to the carcasses.

EM is spread to the carcasses. / The carcasses are fermented by EM.

Earth warms are found from anywhere. / Waste water fermented by EM are used for pasture.

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